" I don't play piano and have
trouble learning music quickly and accurately."

"Recordings of my songs are hard to find!"

"I donít care what anybody HELPS to hear a credible performance of the song Iím preparing."


             Listen to 
   Performance Samples!!

Many singers like to hear a performance of the song they are preparing before they begin. Much like a traveler consulting a map, the result is the same: It can show you where you are and where you need to go.

singers appear on opera stages and in recital halls all over the globe. Each performance is a product of a lifetime of study and experience from two accomplished artists (singer and accompanist). What better way to learn than to hear a performance done by a singer who has "made it."

"In the past, when I've gotten my
song accompaniments recorded
myself, the pianists sometimes
aren't familiar with the song I'm
learning. I often wind up with
something I can't use." 

"I can't afford to work with an
accompanist as often as I 'd like."

Having easy-to-access accompaniments available allows me to practice anytime...even at 2am!"

"I need to run my music over and over to feel totally confident."

Listen to 
 Accompaniment Samples!!

accompanists are consummate recitalists who appear with todayís finest singers in concerts throughout the world. You are sure to get a singer-friendly version of your accompaniment that breathes with you, reflects musical traditions, and takes an acceptable tempo. Best of all, they are ready to go anytime you are...whether it be at the last minute, 8am, or 11:30 at night!

The iStation allows students or teachers to make their own CD's or load the paks onto Rio type players. Accessing your rehearsal materials has never been easier.

Yamahaģ Disklavier and
Clavinova tracks available for
ultimate convenience! (
What's a
Yamaha Disklavier?


"IPA is great, but sometimes it
helps me to just hear someone
pronounce the words for me. It
helps to hear the 'flow' of the

"I've spent hours in the library
digging through the dictionary to
translate a song only to discover
when I'm finished that I still don't
understand what the words

                  Listen to
       Diction Samples!!

                Listen to
     Translation Samples!!

Nico Castel breathes life into lyric diction in every PracticePak. Not only does he pronounce the words in rhythm and provide a phonetic explanation of the text, he also translates the text word-by-word saving the singers HOURS in the library.

  Lyrics are displayed on screen
(where copyright allows).

Author of the ground-breaking Opera Libretti Series, Castel is widely acknowledged to be the leading authority on lyric diction in the world today.


"I'm tired of buying huge
anthologies of music when I'm
interested in learning one song out
of a book." 

"Do you know how many anthologies I own that Iíve sung ONE song out of?!"

"The disk that comes with some anthologies isnít very helpful."

are designed to give your school, university or studio the ultimate in practice support tools, and the ultimate in "competitive advantage" in preparing for auditions and competitions.

Teachers or schools may resell the CD's to their students to help defer costs.
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