Does every PracticePak come with all that information?
Yes. Every PracticePak comes with a performance of the song, diction/translation by Nico Castel, a melody line, and a piano accompaniment for practice.

Do you sell cassette tapes?
Sorry. creates products using the latest and finest technology available. By doing so, we insure that we provide our customers with the best sound quality possible.

Can students make their own CD's ?
Absolutely! They just use a convenient interface, select what they want, insert the blank CD (we provide the blanks) and make their own personal copy.

They can also load the paks onto personal "Rio" type players! This is the future of practice materials!

Can I make the disks and sell them to my students?
Yes. Our agreement allows a teacher or school to resell the disks to their students. This is an excellent way to defer the costs.

How many songs fit on a disk?
It depends on the length of the song. Typically, though, 4-5 PracticePaks fit on a disk.

How about upgrades and new rep?
As we add and grow rep, your iStation will be upgraded. Each iStation lease provides that hardware as well as rep will be kept "state of the art".

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