Bring the future of musical preparation and study to your school or library

The entire MusAcom repertoire: art songs,
arias, accompaniments, and full
diction translations by Nico Castel!

All in a box the size of a phone book!




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available for limited time!

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No disks to catalog, check out, lose or damage! And plays standard CD's as well!


  • Highest quality artists, coaches, and accompanists
  • Compact but comprehensive
  • Convenient: sits on a table or in a cubicle-plays standard CD's as well
  • Hassle-free: point and click, listen and learn. No CD's to lose or damage

  • Expandable in the future, and comes internet ready!

Students can make their own personal CD's at NO additional cost, or you can
sell CD's to your students!


What student's and faculty love...

Diction coaching and translations from the world's best: Nico Castel.

Ability to audition hundreds of songs and accompaniments at the click of a mouse.

Coaching and accompaniment students can hear world class accompanists at work.

Internationally acclaimed singers perform hard or impossible to find student repertoire.

Voice faculty can concentrate on teaching voice!


With optional Yamaha Disklavier option, the iStation will produce disks on the spot for use in a computer or in the incomparable Yamaha Disklavier piano!